Original Paintings available for sale by Gary and Kathwren Jenkins

We have also included paintings that have sold

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White Egret SOLD

Original oil by  GARY JENKINS   24x30  on a Gallery wrap canvas with 1& 1/2 inch deep sides.  AVAILABLE  $1,200.00FREE SHIPPING  USA ONLY.      CALL 928 282-2421

 Close up of  White Egret

Close up of  White Egret

Snowy white Owl

Original oil painting by GARY JENKINS


Moonlit Fairy Garden

Original oil  painting by Gary Jenkins


Vegi Still life

Original oil painting by GARY JENKINS


Poppies with Red Pot

Original oil by GARY JENKINS. This painting  was one of my Live Streaming paintings.  14x18  Unframed  AVAILABLE $480.00  FREE SHIPPING USA ONLY.  Call 928-282-2421

Elegant Iris

Original oil by KATHWREN JENKINS 18x24 with 3 inch Gold frame..Embossed Gold Leaf accent border NOT FOR SALE


  Close up of Kathwrens  IRIS

Close up of Kathwrens  IRIS

Cactus with Humming Bird

Original oil by  GARY JENKINS.   18XX24 Gallery wrap  canvas with 1 & 1/2 inch deep sides. AVAILABLE  $950.00  FREE SHIPPING USA ONLY.  Call 928 282-2421 

Hummer with Red Trumpet Flowers

Original oil by GARY JENKINS 18x18  Gallery wrap canvas with 1&1/2 inch deep sides . Does not need a frame. AVAILABLE   $1,400.00 FREE SHIPPING  USA  ONLY.   Call 928 282-2421

SAM_0554 (1).jpg

Close up of Humming Bird

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

Original oil  painting by GARY JENKINS 20x24 with 4 inch Gold Leaf  frame.  AVAILABLE

$1,800.00 FREE SHIPPING  USA ONLY.    

 Call 928 282-2421


Close up Cockatoo




Landscape by Gary Jenkins 


Sold     Cabin for sale needs work

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24X36 OIL $  3,400.00

  ''RAVEN'' 18X36 OIL $ 3,200.00

''RAVEN'' 18X36 OIL $ 3,200.00