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Hello painting friends. We are very excited to tell you about our

This will be our first online painting course and it will be available worldwide to all subscribers that have high speed internet access,
and speak the English language.

As of September 2017, we are happy to say, we have finished the taping of all the lessons that will be offered in the course. Still to be completed is the EXTRA Technique/General Information video. That should be completed sometime around the first part of December. The editing of all the lessons is now in the process of being done. The course will be designed and ready to be downloaded from our special Internet server
in just a few months.

The complete online course is professionally filmed in (HD) HIGH DEFINITION, using some of the best camera and lighting equipment available. We are so fortunate to have a very talented guy named Mark Short who owns FOTO GRAPHFX CREATIVE STUDIO, working with us. Mark is formally from New York and now resides in Sedona. His company specializes in Advertising,Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration and Motion. He has produced videos for many well known musicians, and for large companies in New York, Los Angeles , Sedona and in the Phoenix area. He has also produced an online food course for a Internationally well known  raw food chef. Mark is also a very excellent artist and creative jewelry designer. FOTO GRAPHFX Creative Studio- Sedona AZ.


Have you ever seen the beautiful oil paintings in art shows, or in books, classes, or studios that your friends have done? Or seen the many nice paintings posted on artists websites or on social media, and said to yourself, I wish I could do that. I really would love to learn to paint, but I don't have any talent. Well I have to tell you, people are not born with talent. Very few people may have some incredible talent at a very young age, but that is extremely  rare. Talent comes from the ability and desire to want to learn and the long term dedication and PASSION for whatever it is that you want to learn. People that are successful at their careers just had the strong desire to start and the tenacity to stick to it for the long term.

What if you have the desire, but maybe you do not know where to start, or you have just been too busy, ''just living life'' and  didn't have any time to start learning to paint. Once you make the decision that you want to try learning to paint, a good place to start may be to take some lessons from a very good local art teacher or maybe take a 2-day or a weeklong seminar that is offered by many nationally known teachers. But what if there are not any teachers in your area and maybe you would like to travel out of state for a seminar, but you can't travel due to health problems, advanced age, family obligations, etc. Although out of state seminars with well known teachers can usually be very good, when you add up the costs of the seminar, the high costs of air or other travel expenses, food and lodging costs, etc., many times this is just not in a lot of peoples budget. In addition, the seminar dates might not fit into your schedule.


Imagine being able to stay home, in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own studio or workspace ,with your easel and your computer ,and learn to paint beautiful Floral/Still Life oil paintings. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced painter, you can learn to paint at your own pace and not have to worry about pushing to finish at a certain time. Maybe you are a little shy about painting in a classroom  enviornment ,then an ONLINE course may be just what you need. And think of the money you will save as opposed to traveling to an out of state seminar. 

And for many of our students that are already teaching and just need to learn some new techniques or  get some new painting/design ideas to teach to their students, the ONLINE course will be a good fit for you, without having the expense and take the time to travel to a seminar. 


Our online ''PAINT WITH PASSION''  is a Floral /Still Life  course that is painted in oils. It will be made up of several full  length  painting  videos ,plus an extra Technique/General Information video, that can all be  accessed and downloaded  from your computer. Color photos of each of the finished paintings ,a written supply list and full size pattens for each painting will also be available to download for people that register for the course. Because each painting instructed is a little long, each of the paintings will be broken down into segments/parts, for easier downloading. All of the course material will be ready for you to start downloading, once the registration period ends. All the instructional material will be held for you by our special server so you can download it any time you want, when ever it is convenient for you. Our server will hold all material in the course for a period of at least 1 year. This time period my be extended longer, but that has not been established at the time of this posting. 


Our ''PAINT WITH PASSION''  course is available to any persons WORLDWIDE that has high speed Internet access and is able to read  the English language.

Downloading the items in the course will be easy and user friendly.

Any persons that fills out the required registration form to subscribe to the course, and pays the fee for the full course. Once you register for the course and pay for the subscription fee, you will need to fill out a form on your computer stating the specific information that is required. Each subscriber will be assigned their own special password/code, which will allow you to log onto the course so you can start downloading all the material. All subscribers names and passwords will be kept on fil in our Jenkins Art Studio master list. 


All material for the course will be instructed by Gary and myself. We both have been working as full time professional artists/teachers for well over 40 years. We have been involved in almost every phase of the art business that there is. In our "PAINT WITH PASSION" online course we will show you the many painting techniques that we have developed and made popular to students around the world through our many HOW-TO books, videos,DVDS, teaching seminars and the airing of our long time weekly International PBS Television series,''THE BEAUTY OF OIL PAINTING''

Students will learn about brush stroke techniques, composition and design , setting up a still life., lighting your set- up, mixing colors, what brushes to use and their different styles and when to use them. What mediums to use and when or when not to use them. Each video lesson will show you how to paint a beautiful  completed Floral/Still Life painting.In addition to to learning to paint several types of decorative vases and pots, you will learn to paint some realistic, yet simple to do ,fruit. You will learn how to use simple fabric swatches to enhance the backgrounds of your Still Life set up. We will also teach you how to paint many different types of flowers and foliage, using easy to follow,  slow ,detailed strokes. We will show you how and what to use to prepare the background of your  canvas using acrylic, before you start to use the oil paint. Different quick and easy  background and foreground techniques will also be demonstrated. 

All of the paintings are taught in the well known Jenkins style, which is a semi-loose, but a very realistic style. They are NOT real loose impressionism ,nor are they really tight photo realism. Each of the paintings are taught very slowly and detailed and in an easily understandable manner


In addition to the individual painting  videos ,we have added a special feature for you that will be a Technique /General Information video. This will talk about supplies needed for the course, what brands we recommend ,setting up your painting space, care and cleaning of your brushes, mediums and their uses.Varnishing your paintings. Why do you need to varnish, what we use and how to apply it. What is Graphite paper.? How to use it to transfer the patterns onto the canvas.

We will also show  you how to apply some decorative borders to your paintings. Simple accent borders using Gold Leaf, Embossed Gold Leaf  and the use of Stencils.

And most important, on this Technique video, I will demonstrate many of the elements that are in each of the individual painting videos.For example,I will demonstrate in very slow detail, how to paint several of the flowers and foliage, that are in each each painting. I will show directional brush stroke lines, the push down- lift up and sweep away stroke, when to use the paint in a thin, watercolor like consistency and when to use it in a thicker or dry consistency. More information will be shown how to paint and blend the many different kinds of brush strokes for the backgrounds, such as vertical, horizontal , and criss-cross strokes.There will also be more detailed information about mixing the oil colors. The Technique video will be a long play lesson so it will be broken down into several segments/chapters for easier downloading. So if you wish to skip over some of the general information material, you can do so, or if you wish to view some of the painting demos multiple times, then the different segments will make that easy for you.


FACEBOOK PAGE: There will be a PRIVATE Facebook page set up for all subscribers of the course.On this FB page,if students wish to, they can post pictures of the paintings they are doing in the course. They can post their paintings in the work in progress or the finished stage, so that other students in the course can see and comment on each others work. Students can share their special thoughts about their painting experiences and ideas ,and talk about their love of painting with other students that have the same interest.

PERSONAL CRITIQUES: On the Private Facebook page, and for the students that request it, we will be happy to give you good, constructive critiques/comments on your paintings as you progress through the course. That way, other students can also learn from each other and how some of the comments can help them with their own work.              NOTE;  Since all critiques will be given by Gary or myself, this will be done on a ''as time allows'' basis.


Once the students complete all the paintings in the course, they can EMAIL us photos of their paintings. Once we have seen all of your finished paintings, you will be sent a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, stating that you have participated in the ''PAINT WITH PASSION'' online course and you have successfully completed all the paintings. The certificate will be personally signed by Gary and I, and will either be available to download or will be mailed to you.



*** 8 FULL LENGTH FLORAL/STILL LIFE PAINTING VIDEOS.                    7 of the paintings will be INSTRUCTED by GARY JENKINS

1 of the paintings will be INSTRUCTED by KATHWREN JENKINS

 Each of these long play painting videos will be between 2 to 3 hours in length. There is a total of  17 hours of painting instruction.


This is a separate  long play video showing how to paint many of the elements in great detail  that are in the 8 painting videos. Also, much more information on this video.It will be INSTRUCTED by Kathwren Jenkins. 

This  separate Technique video will be  3 to 4 hours in length. 


A nice size color photo of each of the 8 paintings will be included. 


A full size pattern that you can transfer onto your canvas will be included for each of the 8 paintings.

NOTE; You do not have to use the pattern if you don't wish to. If you are good at drawing , you may want to draw the compositions free hand. But if you are not very proficient at drawing, we recommend using the patterns. It is very convenient ,saves you a lot of time and you will be  assured that your drawing is very accurate. ALL PATTERNS ARE SIZED FOR 14X18 AND 16X20 CANVAS.


A complete written supply list for all the supplies needed for the course will be included. Oil paint list, mediums ,brushes ,and other miscellaneous supplies. Names, sizes and styles of brushes will be listed. Also ,what oil paint brands we recommend. We will also include some names and contact  information on where to find many of the materials listed.



There will be a specific time period to register for the online course. This will be a short window of 4 weeks.

There will be an EARLY BIRD PRICE for the first 2 weeks of registration, and a REGULAR PRICE for the last 2 weeks.

We are hoping to start taking registration sign ups sometime in MARCH 2018. The exact date for this will be determined when we get closer to the launch of the course.



$350.00 -EARLY BIRD SIGN UP - The first 2 weeks of registration.

$395.00-REGULAR SIGN UP - The last 2 weeks of registration.



Be sure to sign our contact list and give us your name and email address so we can be sure to contact you when our registration period will open.

???? QUESTIONS ????

Please email or call us at the JENKINS ART STUDIO  if you have any questions  about the course.  TEL:( 928 )282-2421



Please follow us on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.

We very often do short live stream painting demos on our Facebook and Youtube channel. We often give updated information about the online course on Facebook.    

Gary Jenkins Television Channel  

Gary and I hope you can join us for our ''PAINT WITH PASSION'' ONLINE COURSE. We are sure it will be a fun, new painting experience for you.

With PATIENCE,PRACTICE,and PASSION, (PPP) you will be able to paint beautifull treasures for yourself, your family and others, that will be cherished for many years to come.

REMEMBER, where ever and what ever you paint................




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