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Paint with Passion Terms & Conditions

As a student, you are paying for access to our Paint with Passion on-line school. There are no refunds or cancelled subscriptions.  Our subscriptions, access is open for 2 years. Students will have access to each individual lesson for 24 months from the date the student first enrolled into school.

By registering for the online e-course Paint with Passion, you agree and fully understand that no refunds will be issued. It is the Students responsibility to meet the TECH requirements including access to a high speed internet connection, computer or devices to watch e-course.

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and no warranties or guarantees are offered verbally or in writing regarding the results. You agree also that all content of this course is fully protected by copyright and intellectual property law, and cannot be disseminated in any format, shared, taught, sold or distributed without written consent by Nancy Medina Art LLC. In other words, if you wish to take the course with a friend, each individual must purchase a membership in The Joyful Brush. Failure to abide by these terms can result in the membership account being closed.